Valentines Day

February 14, 2020
Valentine’s Day

Bistro 112 will be open for lunch and dinner on St Valentines Day weekend.
We will be offering Valentines specials in addition to the menu.

Taste of France
Wine Pairing Dinner Series

Join us for one or all three evenings where we will taste our way through three wine regions of France.
Each evening includes a four-course dinner paired with wines of the region. 6pm.

Reservations required: (304) 876-8477

$75 pp++  // $200 pp++ for the Series (Feb, Mar & Apr)

Wine Dinner

February 27: Bordeaux

Our first in a series of three wine pairings is the region of Bordeaux in southwestern France. This region, that has been producing wines since the 8th century, is known as the home to some of the finest vineyards in the world. The food from Bordeaux are equally savory. Bordeaux is surrounded by the Atlantic coastline, so seafood is plentiful. Its customs and the cuisine of this region is based on old peasant food such as stuffed dishes, skillfully prepared casseroles and jarred foods.

We will be preparing a menu based on foods of this region such as oysters, duck confit, mushrooms, bordelaise sauces, and cannelé.

The wines will be from Bordeaux, Medoc & St Emilion.

Wine Dinner

March 19: Burgundy

Bistro’s second in a series of three wine pairings is the Burgundy region in central France. The reputation and quality of the top wines, together with the fact that they are often produced in small quantities, has led to high demand and high prices for wines from this region. The richness of the food from Burgundy is largely due to the preparation of sauces using wine, like à la bourguignon, and its beef cattle. And some of the best cheeses in France many say come from this region.

The Bistro will be preparing a menu based on foods of this region such as beef bourguignon, rillettes, snails, black currents, cheeses.

The wines will be from St Veran, Burgundy & Beaujolais.

Wine Dinner

April 16: Rosé

To celebrate Spring, Bistro’s third in a series of three wine pairings is rose wines from around France. France is the largest maker and exporter of rosé wines as of the beginning of the 21st century. And within France, Provence is the largest region. These wines should be chilled and are best paired with light salads, appetizers, seafood and chicken. To celebrate the various Rose producing regions, the Bistro will be offering a sampling of foods from these regions.

The Bistro will be preparing a menu to include bruschetta, grilled seafood, creamy soups & fruit tart.

The wines will be from Cotes du Jura, Provence, Tavel & Burgundy.

Also visit the town’s website with calendar of events and the list of shops and lodging.